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**Rush Shipping Available**| | 877-963-4543
**Rush Shipping Available**| | 877-963-4543

Repair Services

Repair Services

We will evaluate your circuit breakers, components/accessories, magnetic motor starters, contactors, and many other electrical items for repair and contact you with a free, no obligation quote within 24 Hours.

Services Offered:

  • Basic Service Pack: Evaluate, Clean, Service and Test
  • Major Repairs and Modifications
  • Minor Repairs and Modifications
  • Accessory Installations and Removal
  • Retrofits and Upgrades
  • Calibration of Units
  • Primary and Secondary Testing

Our PEARL and AVO Certified Technicians will repair your items in a timely manner, and we certify/warranty all of our work.  Call us at 1-877-963-4543 or use the Contact Us form for a free quote.