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**Rush Shipping Available**| | 877-963-4543
**Rush Shipping Available**| | 877-963-4543

Exchange Credit Program

What is the Exchange Credit Program?

Our exchange credit program is a fantastic way for you to increase your future purchasing power while also minimizing negative impacts on the environment. We've found that many who purchase circuit breakers and related equipment will simply throw away their defective equipment or toss it into a salvage bin for a tiny return. While it may be true for most that these items have almost no value once they become damaged or cease to function, we have the staff of certified electrical repair experts and the facilities at Breaker Hunters to very selectively dismantle and rescue undamaged components from these units. We think this optional service provides an excellent value for you, ourselves, and the entirety of our customer base who benefits from the reduced cost and increased quality this program facilitates.

What if the equipment I replaced is not defective?

This program can certainly benefit you as well.  Many of our customers have expressed to us that once they replace a working product the previous unit will go to a permanent home on a shelf somewhere to wait for a possibe use that never seems to manifest.  Instead of keeping that old unit around collecting dust with your fingers crossed, why not send it in for a store credit offer that will pay off on the very next purchase you make?

How do I participate?

While placing your order, leave a message in the order comment box that you are interested in the exchange credit program and we will contact you. Don't worry, if you've already placed your order and you're just now reading this, it's no big deal. You can send an email to or give us a call at 1-877-963-4543 to begin the estimate process. We may ask for a description of the current state of the item or photos to determine if your equipment qualifies. If it does, you will be given an authorization to send your equipment to us. We would suggest simply waiting for our package to come to you and shipping your item to us in the very same box with packing material as it arrives; just remove and replace the original shipping label.  Be sure to include a copy of your order invoice to help us identify your shipment when we receive and process it. When your item arrives it will be inspected to determine the usability of its frame and components. Once the final value has been determined we will give you a call or send an email (whichever you prefer) with the amount of store credit we can offer for your product. We're confident you will be happy with the offer we make, but in the event you are dissatisfied we will repackage and ship the item back to you at our cost. If you accept our offer, a credit will be applied to your account that can be used for any future purchase you make with us. If you have not yet registered to create an account on our website when you reach this step, you will need to. This will enable you to track how much credit you've accumulated on your account page, and apply that credit toward your future purchases.

There is no obligation what-so-ever to take advantage of the exchange credit program, but we think you'll be glad you did.