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**Rush Shipping Available**| | 877-963-4543
**Rush Shipping Available**| | 877-963-4543


Why would anyone want to buy something that's been reconditioned?
We certainly can't speak for everyone, but we can speak for ourselves and clear up some common misconceptions about reconditioned products.


  • Full 1-Year Warranty, same as our New Surplus products.
  • Our team includes PEARL and AVO certified tecnicians.
  • Warranty honored completely in-house.
  • Costs significantly less.
  • Rigorous quality control and inspection process.
  • Includes inspection or testing report.
  • Reduces stress on the environment.
  • May not have that freshly opened new cardboard box smell. 

We use the following general process:

1.  Inspection
Assess unit for functional integrity.

2.  Disassembly
Disassemble the unit down to basic components and examine for signs of wear, damage or defects. 

3.  Cleaning
Thoroughly clean all components and surfaces of any dirt, oils, residues, etc.

4.  Refitting or Replacement
Replace substandard components as needed with quality components and/or install additional components.

5.  Lubrication
Lubricate all necessary points to OEM specifications.

6.  Calibration
Assess the trip functions by primary injection, secondary injection or other testing procedures to ensure they meet the original parameters provided by the manufacturer and make any adjustments needed.  Log the results.

7.  Final Testing and Inspection
Confirm that all components perform within the proper OEM specifications to maximize the lifespan of the product.  Perform any additional required testing and do a full visual inspection.

8.  Documentation
Prepare all necessary testing reports with warranty terms and conditions to be included with the product.  BHI results sticker placed on breaker.